Cosmetic Surgery & Aesthetic Medical Treatments

“Aging is a privilege. Getting old is optional. I believe in looking your best at every age, with the most personalized and gentle approach.”*

Revive Wellness Centers are unique because we have a comprehensive portfolio of surgical and non-surgical strategies to help everyone improve their appearance. Revive’s medical expert combine a personalized  fusion of medical science and 3 dimensional artistic approaches to improve people’s appearance and health. 3704538_high

Revive provides effective solutions for rejuvenating your entire appearance. Our experienced, highly qualified, aesthetic medical staff connects you with our leading-edge medical technologies, techniques and products.

Revive’s medical staff are also active in FDA studies and trials for new medical devices and health studies that greatly improve people’s lives. This puts Revive’s medical staff ahead of most practices in medical aesthetics.

Revive Wellness Centers’ exclusive Personalized Skin Rejuvenation experts work with you to evaluate your appearance goals and issues to design the appropriate program to help meet your appearance goals.Schedule an Appointment
Here is a list of just some of our age-defying medical treatments:


     Mommy Makeovers

     Tummy Tucks

     Breast Augmentations and Breast Lifts

     Chin implants

     Facial, Neck and Brow Lifts

     Upper and Lower Eye Blephs

     Smart Lipo for Abs, Necks, Jowls, Arms, Love Handles, Thighs, etc.,

     LipoGems Stemcell fat transfers rejuvenation for Faces, Breasts, Brazilian Butt Lifts and more

     Earlobe Rejuvenation and repairs

     NeoGraft non-strip hair transplants and restoration

     Botched cosmetic surgery repairs


Nothing is more natural than hyaluronic acid (HA) based dermal fillers. When we’re born we have more hyaluronic acid than we can use. We begin to loose HA’s in our late teens or early 20’s. So HA’s are some of the the most natural approaches to healthy aging and can be used to accomplish a wide a variety of rejuvenation and appearance goals.

Revive utilizes a number of HA dermal fillers to rejection and restore the following situations:*

          Facial fat loss restoration

Fine to moderate line rejuvenation

Neck line improvement

Ear lobe rejuvenation

Tear trough restoration

Temple hollowing reversal

Lip restoration and vermillion border definition

     Voluma Lifts (No down-time, non-surgical and FDA approved for up to 24 months) **

     Botox For:

          Fine lines

          Wrinkle reduction and prevention

          Migraine headaches

          Excess underarm sweating / Hyperhidrosis

          Gummy smiles

          Platysmal neck bands

          Scrotox for men

          Treatment for mild to moderate depression

     Dermal Filler Injectables Including

     Volbella for smooth, luscious lips and fine lines (Longer lasting that previous fine line fillers,

          no down-time, non-surgical and FDA approved for up to 12 months)

     Kybella injections for unwanted neck fat and other small targeted body areas including*:


          Above breast fat jelly rolls

          Above knees genetic fat

          (Kybella treatment packages are available to save money and provide the best

          non-surgical results)

     Juvederm Ultra and Juvederm Ultra Plus natural hyaluronic dermal fillers

     Vollure longer lasting natural hyaluronic dermal fillers for moderate line restoration.

     Pico Genesis laser treatments for all skin types:


          Skin Brightening

          Skin discoloration

          Tattoo Removal

          Skin Tightening and Rejuvenation

     Venus VIVA RF Skin treatments for all skin types:

          Skin Tightening

          Skin Texture and Acne Scar Improvement

          Pore Size Reduction

          Stretch Mark Improvement

          Fine Wrinkles Improvement

     CO2 SmartSkin Laser Skin Rejuvenation

     Venus Concept and Venus Legacy Skin Tightening and Cellulite Reduction

     Real Laser Hair Reduction

     CoolSculpting Fat Freezing for Fat Loss

     Personal Skin Care Treatments

     Spider Veins

     Hyper-pigmentation and Laser Spot Treatments

     Clinical Dermatology & Skin Treatments

     Acne Injections and Acne treatments

     Rosacea treatments

     Hormone Balancing for Youth and Vitality

 Revive utilizes 3D Imaging for our Consults and Evaluations. We also use AccuVein for injection safety.

Call Revive for your free consultation in Torrance at (310) 375-7599 or Palm Springs at (760) 325.4800, to recover the more youthful and beautiful you. And please, bring a picture of yourself from 10 years ago to help your medical expert know what you want to achieve with your healthy aging treatments at Revive.

Dr. Doris Day ** FDA approved for up to 2 years

*Results may vary by individual client.