Hyper Pigmentation Therapy


Revive treats unwanted pigmentation caused by environmental or genetic factors including sun damage, acne, hormone reactions, pregnancy, and acid peel reactions. A free consultation with one of Revive’s nurse practitioners can help assess which treatment plan will improve your hyper-pigmentation issues.*

Hyper-pigmentation IPL Laser Therapy*

Revive has effective treatment choices for different skin types and levels of discoloration. Some patients can benefit with IPL Laser treatments for melasma.* In-office boosts and take home therapies partner to treat melasma, hyper-pigmentation, and other forms of skin discoloration.

Cosmelan MD Treatment*

$795 (includes two treatments and first month’s take home therapy)

Vi Peel $295
Pro-Peel $250

Skin Brightening Boosts for hyper pigmentation: 15 minute ultrasonic infusions of 302 A & C Boost + Avogen: 4 Boosts, once/week: $99 (save over 50). 9 Boosts: 199 (save over 150).

Follow Up At-home Therapy with 302 A Drops + C Drops + 302 Lightening Drops: $199.95

Targeted Laser Hyper-pigmentation Treatments*

We treat benign epidermal pigmented lesions using a targeted laser treatment to eliminate unwanted dark and red spots. The lesion pigments attract the laser energy for effective results.*

Laser Spot Pigmentation Treatment: Treat 20 spots*: $200.

*Results may vary by individual clients.

Call Revive for a free consultation in Torrance at (310) 375-7599 or Palm Springs at (760) 325.4800, to recover the more youthful and beautiful you.

And please, bring a picture of yourself from 10 years ago to help your medical expert know what you want to achieve with your healthy aging treatments at Revive.