Spider Vein Treatments and Laser Spot Removal

Spider Vein Treatment*laserveinremoval

Laser Treatments and sclerotherapy injections can non surgically treat visible veins that are small to moderate in size, without down time. Revive’s medical staff evaluates which veins can be treated and which ones need specialized attention by a vascular surgeon.

Spider Veins: When Blood Vessels Surface*

Spider veins (telengiectasias) are those unwanted blood vessels that make their appearance on our skin. Spider veins can appear on our face, nose, cheeks, or forehead. In other cases they can spread on our legs. Regardless of where we have them, Revive can help you be rid of them.

Gone in a Flash*

Laser treatments are a highly effective way to reduce or remove the visible spider veins with no downtime. Results are often instantaneous and dramatic. Spider vein removal over a large area, such as legs, may require a series of 3 to 6 laser treatments or additional sclerotherapy injections for best results. Spider veins are abnormal and once removed are replaced by healthy vessels deeper below the skin.

Treatment: 300 per session

Cherry Hermangiomas and Brown Spots*

Revive’s spot treatments are a safe, fast, gentle and effective method for removal of those unwanted red spots on our face and body. Revive is able to treat many types of vascular conditions, from red and purple veins to deep blue reticular veins on all skin tones from light to dark skin.

Treatment: only $200 for 20 spots

*Results may vary by individual client.

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