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Many people obsess over the first sign of facial wrinkles, but have you looked closely at your hands? They’re more likely to advertise your age long before signs appear on your face. The team at Revive Wellness Center can help. They’ll create an individualized hand rejuvenation treatment plan designed to restore fullness, diminish veins, and eliminate age spots. If you have any questions, call one of their offices in Torrance and Palm Springs, California, or schedule an appointment online to get started on your hand rejuvenation.

Hand Rejuvenation

What causes aging in hands?

As you age, your skin produces less collagen and elastin, which are the proteins your skin needs for strength, elasticity, and tone. The natural layer of fat that normally cushions your skin also thins out over time.

As a result of all that, your skin becomes thin and fragile, your hands appear bony, and your veins stand out — challenges that can all be improved with dermal fillers.

Your hands also suffer from sun damage. Exposure to ultraviolet light accelerates the loss of fat tissues and decreases your skin’s elasticity, which results in the rapid development of wrinkles. Sunlight also causes brown spots or liver spots.

How do dermal fillers rejuvenate hands?

Dermal fillers contain ingredients that restore fullness when they’re injected under the skin.

Some brands contain hyaluronic acid, a substance that your skin naturally produces to provide hydration and promote resilience.

Hyaluronic acid gels physically plump up the skin, essentially replacing lost fat.

Other dermal fillers contain small particles of calcium hydroxylapatite (the same substance that’s in your bones). The particles immediately add volume to your hands, then they stimulate collagen production to restore healthy skin.

Poly-L-lactic acid is the third ingredient found in dermal fillers. After it’s injected and absorbed, it triggers collagen production, providing a long-lasting effect as it breaks down over time.

Injectable dermal fillers rebuild volume for several months to a year or slightly longer, depending on the product used.

What is a fat transfer?

Fat transfer, or in medical terms, an autologous fat transplantation, uses a small amount of fat from another part of your body to replace depleted fat in your hands. You may be able to accomplish two goals at once: get rid of unwanted fat from your buttocks or love handles, and use that same fat to gain youthful hands.

Liposuction removes fat from donor sites like the abdomen, thighs, and buttocks. After the fat cells are cleansed and processed, your doctor injects them into your hand.

It takes about 10-15 minutes to harvest fat, then another 5-20 minutes to inject it, depending on the area being treated. You may choose to treat facial wrinkles at the same time because there’s usually plenty of fat left over following hand treatment.

Fat transfers produce longer-lasting results than dermal fillers, lasting up to several years in some people.

What is skin brightening?

Skin brightening may refer to bringing vibrancy back to your skin by exfoliating, but for hand rejuvenation, skin brightening is used to remove dark spots. Treatment options available for eliminating sun spots on your hands include:

  • Topical products: to bleach and lighten the dark area
  • Intense pulsed light: to destroy dark pigments
  • Resurfacing: to remove damaged skin, using lasers, chemical peels, or microdermabrasion

You have a number of ways to fight the effects of time on your hands, so don’t wait to schedule an appointment online or contact Revive Wellness Center to learn more about hand rejuvenation.