Experience Revive Wellness Center’s 2021’s Christmas Specials


#1: Unlimited Restoration Fillers For Full Face & Neck Corrections

$650 per syringe/vial

SAVE up to $250/syringe or vial

Visit must be completed by June 1, 2022

Excludes Tear Troughs


#2 Unlimited Botox: $11/unit

Minimum of 50 units


#3 Melasma & Skin Brightening PICO Laser Packages

$600 per treatment/Area

(Face OR Neck OR Decollete)

Save $900 - $2,700

3 Tx package (1,800), 6 Tx packages (3,600), 9 Tx packages (5,400)


#4 Secret Face AND Neck for $1500

Save $900/Treatment

1 Tx (1,500), 3 Tx packages (4,500), 6 Tx packages (9,000)


#5 Thread Lifts for Crepey Skin

Save $150 per area

One Time purchase

Areas include: Arms, Neck, Abs


All holiday specials are available for purchase through Dec. 31, 2021.

Specials are not transferable to another patient. Treatments must be completed by Nov 1, 2022 unless otherwise noted (see filler special for alternative completion date). Any purchases not completed by the Special’s expiration date will be credited to your patient account for use with other treatments. Allergan’s Alle points cannot be used for package purchases. Alle points will be issued at the time of the package treatment(s).


Restoration Fillers        Savings per syringe

Voluma                            ($250)

Contour                           ($250)

Vollure                             ($100)

Kysse                                ($100)

Radiesse                          ($25)

RHA 2,3 or 4                    ($100)

REFYNE                            ($100)

DEFYNE                            ($100)

Lyft                                    ($150)

SCULPTRA                        ($150)







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