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Revive Wellness Center’s
Spring Specials 2024


1. Spring Toxin Special

Jueveau - "The NEW TOX"

$220 on Frown Lines Area


2. Save $1250 on Stretch Marks - Get ready for Spring Break

Treatment targets the stretch mark scars with RF MicroNeedling - Smoothing the crepey scarred skin -AND-  for collagen building!

Special includes two treatments. 

Stretch Marks Results

3. Save $125 on Carbon Laser Facial

Treatment targets stubborn oil trapped in the pores, to vaporize blackheads. The NEW way to exfoliate!


4. $129 for Venus on Cellulite. 


Spring Specials Expire on April 30, 2024

Palm Springs
Call or Text (760) 325-4800

Torrance (LA's South Bay)
Call or Text (310) 327-7599 


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