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Cellulite Solutions

A Brief History of Cellulite and The Non-Invasive QWO Solution to Treat Cellulite

Before the 20th century, cellulite wasn’t a concern for women. Well-fed voluptuousness was the standard of beauty for both sexes. The 20th century is when the 17th-19th century standards of beauty changed. It took less than 60 years for women to shed their long dresses with layers of petticoats and replace them with miniskirts and bikinis. Treating the now visible cellulite became a frustrating goal for women.

Vogue magazine first published the term “Cellulite” in 1968. And once the dimples were named, Women’s search was on to rid themselves of those dimples now called cellulite. Over 80% of women have this condition and over 80% of women wanted it gone. Until 2011 no approach provided relief. The Celfina device received FDA approval in 2011 to invasively mechanically slice the connective tissue holding the cellulite dimples down and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

For a complete history of cellulite, click the link below. For 2021 and beyond non-invasive solution to cellulite, jump to the next paragraph.

Finally – now there is an effective and easy non-invasive solution for cellulite that works with no downtime. QWO is an FDA approved injectable solution to cellulite. Patients receive a series of 1-3 injections per dimple, 1 month apart. The injected medicine dissolves the connective tissue to release the dimples. There is a risk of bruising with each session of QWO. Fall thru Spring seasons are the best times for cellulite reduction treatments and be ready for Summer’s swimsuit season. QWO results can be permanent.

Revive Wellness Center was one of the first practices to treat cellulite with QWO and the results have been astounding. Call Revive to schedule your free cellulite consultation and assess what Revive’s providers can accomplish for you with QWO for cellulite.