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Daxxify Q & A

The Incredible Daxxify Story

Revive Wellness Centers are the first 400 practices to be injecting Daxxify in the United States!

Daxxify is the name for the newest FDA approved neurotoxin in the United States that can last up to 6-9 months. Daxxify has accomplished an incredible breakthrough for aesthetic and therapeutic medicine. Keep reading to understand how Daxxify can improve the quality of your life and your wellbeing.

Let’s review how neurotoxins benefit us. Our facial muscles are part of the reason we develop wrinkles as we age. Our skin can’t overcome our muscles. Our muscles are stronger than our skin. Repetitive facial expressions from our muscles create dynamic lines, wrinkles in our skin, that deepen over time. Our skin can’t overcome our muscles.

Neurotoxins stop the nerve signals to move our facial muscles from being passed on from an untreated nerve to a treated nerve synapse. When there is no muscle movement, wrinkles can’t get deeper. And when muscle movement is diminished, or stopped, our skin can recover and regain smoothness and look more youthful. The sooner a person begins neurotoxin treatments, the fewer facial wrinkles they will develop over time.

The Daxxify Differences

All neurotoxins are “slippery”. This means they want to “slide off” the synapses they migrate to when injected. As neurotoxins “slide off” they cease their effectiveness. Daxxify uses a special protein to give it a negative charge. Nerve synapses have a positive charge. Daxxify is the first neurotoxin to stick to synapses like magnets stick to steel! This is how Daxxify can last up to 6-9 months in 3 years of clinical trials.

This improvement allows most Daxxify patients to only need to be treated twice a year instead to 3-4 times for those getting any of the other neurotoxins. The other neurotoxins use a human serum albumin to make their neurotoxin’s “stickier”. The human serum albumin works. That approach can only last 3-4 months. Daxxify’s electrical charge approach allows you to get more effect for your investment. Daxxify lasts at least twice as long as the other neurotoxins and doesn’t cost twice as much.

The aesthetic medical sector attracts as much, or more, medical development than other sectors. The results for patients, over the past 20 years, are they get more results for lower costs that anyone ever thought possible. Advanced providers in this aesthetic medical field, with the innovative technology that has never existed before, can now accomplish what used to be impossible to achieve.

Due to the new chemistry of Daxxify, patients report the injections take effect in 1-5 days instead of the 10-14 days typically necessary with the other neurotoxins. Daxxify is the go-to injectable for patients to look better for specials events when they don’t have the 10-14 days for their neurotoxin to take effect.

If you’re looking for the most elegant and effective neurotoxin, give Daxxify a try. And you’ll find Revive to be one of the most experienced injectors of Daxxify in the U.S.