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Neck Rejuvenation

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You may notice that your neck looks wrinkled and saggy even though you’re still happy with your face. This uneven aging is common, but it has a solution: a neck rejuvenation. The team at Revive Wellness Center offers neck lifts that tighten skin, eliminate extra fat, and refine your jawline. Contact one of their offices in Torrance and Palm Springs, California, or schedule an appointment online for a neck lift consultation.

Neck Rejuvenation

Who can benefit from a neck lift?

Your neck region can develop jowls, a double chin, and sagging skin as you age. Many people also develop deep, vertical wrinkles and creases across their neck. If any of these issues affect you, you’re a good candidate for a neck lift. Simply put, a neck lift, or a lower rhytidectomy, improves the signs of aging in your jawline and neck.

How is a neck lift performed?

You can choose from two types of surgical neck lifts, depending on the changes you want to make:

Traditional Neck Lift

This is a comprehensive procedure that sculpts or redistributes fat, repositions supportive tissues under the skin, and tightens muscles. Your surgeon repositions your skin over the new profile and trims away any excess.

This surgery requires a larger incision, but it also sharpens the entire neck and jawline. Liposuction may be used to remove excess fat.

Limited Incision

Short incisions around the ear accommodate less-extensive changes, but you can still get fat removed, wrinkles diminished, and some skin tightened.

You should expect to have bruising and swelling for about 10 days, but each person heals at a different pace. Your physician at Revive Wellness Center will give you specific post-surgery care instructions, which may include keeping your head raised while sleeping for the first two weeks and avoiding strenuous activity.  

What is neck lift revision surgery?

Neck lift surgery should last at least 10 years, but many variables have an impact on how long your results will last, including age, genetics, diet, and skin care. Your skin will continue to go through natural age-related changes, which means that one day the skin may be loose and saggy again. If you gain weight, you’ll also stretch your skin and might develop a double chin.

When you realize that you no longer like the appearance of your neck, you may choose to have neck lift revision surgery. The doctors at Revive Wellness Center also have the expertise to revise and repair a prior neck lift that left your neck uneven or distorted.

What if you need Lion Lift or LifeStyle Lift repair?

If you had any of the quick-fix lifts, like Lion Lift or LifeStyle Lift, and you’re not happy with the results, please don’t hesitate to call the team at Revive Wellness Center. They can repair the damage and give you the results you wanted the first time around.