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Women's Rejuvenation

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Revive is one of the leading practices in the country that provides all women with a variety of very effective, estrogen therapy, and non-estrogen based treatments and therapies to improve women’s quality of life and slow the aging process. Any woman who wants to prevent atrophy or experience a fewer aging symptoms can also benefit from one or more of Revive’s unique rejuvenation therapies. Every day patients share stories with Revive’s providers of their pain, suffering, embarrassment, and challenges with painful intercourse. Some of women’s issues can be due to dyspareunia, vaginal atrophy or complications from other medical treatments such as cancer treatments. And every day, patients are constantly amazed to learn that they are not alone with these categories of health issues. And they are pleased to discover that their discomfort not only occurs because of menopause but for a wide variety of reasons. Vaginal atrophy is one of the top challenges women can face whenever their hormone levels change and from other causes. Atrophy conditions can be even more problematic than hot flashes because it can affect women at any age. The team at Revive Wellness Center has many solutions for intimate rejuvenation and improvement. Symptoms can include vaginal dryness, vaginal tightening, visual and hormonal changes, or any change in sexual function. Revive’s practitioners can treat many patients with vaginal atrophy symptoms with estrogen based therapies. Revive’s hormone balancing program can improve women’s heath and libido along with preventing women from experiencing a decline in sexuality and function. Revive’s unique variety of approaches can improve a variety of conditions including: Color improvement Lightening Increased moisturization Visual enhancement Comfort Increased sensitivity Improvements for urinary incontinence issues Improved vaginal health Improved vascularization Fissure repair Improved enjoyment and pleasure Improved Confidence An incre

Women's Rejuvenation

What is vaginal rejuvenation?

Vaginal rejuvenation covers the broad category of women’s vaginal health, vitality, comfort and appearance. Vaginal rejuvenation includes several different types of procedures, drug and non-drug based treatment that target the vagina and external genitalia. 

Revive has multiple medical devices and other successful treatment options to help patient’s achieve their internal and external vaginal rejuvenation goals.

Internal, Non-Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation Options

Non-surgical options can range from take home topical solutions that greatly improve intimacy and sexual functionality to virtually pain free medical device based treatments. Both approaches help most patients improve vaginal atrophy, vaginal health and vitality and external appearances.

Non-Surgical Energy Based External and Internal Treatments

Many women are discovering the benefits of Revive’s, non-estrogen based, therapy to help their vaginal canal become more supple, increase internal moisturization, improve vaginal tissue and sexuality. This effective, non-invasive approaches can be very effective starting point for women of all ages who want to enjoy new options for sexual vitality, wellness and healthy aging.

Medical Device Options

Revive Wellness Centers have found two new medical devices that accomplish amazing results.

The Juliet Laser by Cutera

Juliet utilizes a unique erbium based fractional laser system that activates the body’s own rejuvenation system to accomplish significant levels of internal vaginal rejuvenation. Over 5 million women worldwide have enjoyed the results of Juliet’s FDA clinical studies show Juliet’s treatment can accomplish significant improvement for most patients. Juliet treatments take less than an hour. Revive has treatment packages to accomplish greater levels of rejuvenation and still provide value to our patients.

Fiore by Venus Concept

Revive’s medical leaders, Dr. Allan Wu and Shonda Chase FNP, worked together with the Venus Concept Corporation to create the Fiore medical device to safely accomplish vaginal rejuvenation. Dr. Wu was the lead medical GYN surgeon who worked directly with Fiore’s device engineers to create a truly innovative device that is unique in the industry. Dr. Wu designed Fiore’s FDA study and performed the patient clinical patient trials to acquire FDA approval for medical use.

A Fiore procedure includes a safe, radio frequency energy cycles being individually programmed into Fiore’s computer control center. The Fiore device then accomplishes a hand’s-free, custom and pain free, procedure unique for each patient’s condition and rejuvenation goals.

Because Revive’s medical staff was a part of creating Fiore and it’s unique methodology, Revive is the most experienced medical practice offering Fiore treatments in the United States.

Surgical Rejuvenation with Revive’s External Barbie Labiaplasty

One of the most in demand and popular procedures for external vaginal rejuvenation is called Revive’s Barbie Labiaplasty. For those who want to reduce the size of their labia minora, often called vaginal lips, find that the results of this type of surgery help them feel more confident, ease discomfort during intimacy, and can greatly improve their self-esteem and their quality of life.

Dr. Allan Wu’s approach to Barbie Labiaplasties at Revive is unique in the GYN and plastic surgery world. Revive’s Barbie Labiaplasty technique was invented by Dr. Wu MD when he combined his advanced plastic surgery skills with his experience as a top GYN surgeon specializing in advancing women’s rejuvenation. His innovations accomplish superior results for women along with half the amount of recovery time. Dr. Wu’s innovation also shortens the typical healing process from 12 weeks to just 4-6 weeks for most patients.

Most importantly, this procedure protects all of a woman’s essential nerves necessary for sensation and responsiveness while creating a natural, more attractive result. Unlike the traditional wedge Labiaplasties normally performed, Revive’s Barbie Labiaplasty is a virtually scar less surgical option following each woman’s individual natural curves.

Revive’s Barbie Labiaplasty is done while the patient is awake utilizing only local anesthesia and taking only 2 hours for most patients.

What causes vaginal atrophy?

Vaginal atrophy is caused by the changes in estrogen and the general results of aging. Having less estrogen causes the vaginal walls to thin, become dry, inflamed, and can crack or bleed during intimacy. It often causes more then just burning, itching, or general discomfort.

Vaginal atrophy’s insidious results can often cause feelings of shame and embarrassment that lead some women to withdraw from physical intimacy with their partners. Over time this lack of physical intimacy can cause their partners to become emotionally withdrawn or distant from them. Over time, without effective treatments, these sufferers report to Revive’s providers that it has been years since they were able to enjoy or even engage in sexual activity with their partners.

What is labiaplasty?

There are multiple reasons why patients seek out this procedure. For some women, their labia majora are larger than other women’s or stretched after childbirth. For others, prominent labial folds have always bothered them and can make clothing uncomfortable, sexual activity painful and common movements irritating.

This condition can often prevent women from having pain and discomfort from regular activities like biking or running, or even sitting. Sometimes women want to correct asymmetry or remove darker skin on the edge of their labial folds.

Revive’s Labiaplasty, named Revive’s Barbie Labiaplasty, utilizes advanced surgical techniques to decrease the size of a women’s labia majora and improve appearances. Revive plastic surgeon, Allan Wu MD, invented this special procedure that protects essential nerve and tissues that aides in sexual function and pleasurable sensitivity. Dr. Wu is now training other surgeons this technique. If you know someone who has had a labiaplasty, you can have confidence that your experience and results will be superior at Revive.

Patients can return to a sitting desk job one week after their Barbie Labiaplasty. Patients can begin sexual intercourse after 6 weeks. This surgical procedure does not require an expensive surgery center and only takes 2 hours is performed in our office with local anesthesia while the patient is awake,

What are clitoral hood reductions?

Some women with excess skin covering the clitoris find this condition can affect their sexual pleasure during intimacy. A successful hood reduction involves removal of an over-abundance of excess skin. This procedure’s goal requires the delicate balance of leaving an essential amount of skin to protect the clitoris while removing enough excess tissue to improve stimulation. Dr. Allan Wu uses micro tools to help achieve success along with his artistic skills and trained eye.

Clitoral hood patients can return to a sitting desk job after 5 to 7 days, and can have sexual intercourse after 6 weeks. This surgical procedure is done in our office with local anesthesia, while the patient is awake. The procedure takes about an hour. This surgery is often added to a Revive Barbie Labiaplasty and performed at the same time.

What are G-spot injections?

Some women need more prominence or fullness under their clitoris to achieve sexual fulfillment. Revive’s G-Spot injections help elevate the clitoris to help a woman experience increased stimulation.

The procedure includes the patient getting a nerve block injection to greatly reduce or eliminate discomfort during the treatment. The numbing injection feels like a pinch and once the local anesthesia takes effect, hyaluronic acid gel is injected behind the clitoris to lift and create a more desirable projection.

Hyaluronic acid is a substance that our bodies naturally produce but often not enough in the right places. Hyaluronic gel (HA) is most commonly used for soft tissue dermal filler and dissolves over time. Results can last 6 to 18 months with the new cross linked HA’s, like Allergan’s Voluma, that is now available.