Ease your unwanted lines with BOTOX®. Botox is the most widely used injectable with a 20 year history of safety. Botox treats wrinkles, prevents facial lines from deepening, and slows visible aging.

Botox Before & After
*Results may vary by individual client.

BOTOX® is a highly purified, naturally occurring protein that simply prevents the signals from the nerves reaching our upper facial muscles. Periodic use reduces wrinkle lines and prevent deeper lines from forming. At Revive we inject Botox in a way to not alter your natural expression and features. You can also request the “Actor’s” treatment that maintains choice expression and still reduce lines on the forehead and crows feet.

*Results may vary by individual client.

Botox can also be used to reduce migraine headaches, eye twitches, and excess sweating. Inquire about all the Botox’ benefits with a free consultation.

Botox treatments in Palm Spring or Torrance takes just a few minutes. Botox lasts three to five months, and up to 12 months for excess sweating relief.*

Unit Cost: Prices start at 11/unit (14/unit for SpaFinder or SpaWish gift cards). Call about any current manufacturer’s rebates and programs that can reduce your per unit cost even more.

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Call Revive for a free consultation in Torrance at (310) 375-7599, Palm Springs at (760) 325.4800, or our Medweight and Lasers location in Irvine (949) 586-9904 to recover the more youthful and beautiful you. And please, bring a picture of yourself from 10 years ago to help your medical expert better understand what you want to achieve with your healthy aging treatments at Revive.

Also, inquire for Revive’s Botox beauty bundle pricing specials for filler and Botox at the same appointment to save even more.

*Results may vary by individual client.