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Award’s Season Secrets

Amy Adams Backstage at the Oscars


Shonda Chase, FNP

Nurse Practitioner, Co-owner, Artistic Director and Advanced Aesthetic Injector at Revive Wellness Centers in Palm Springs, Torrance, and at Medweight, Lasers and Wellness Center in Irvine.

During Award’s Season in Los Angeles, where most of the awards shows are held, is a really busy tine for image experts. This means that many clothing designers, hair stylists, photographers, production designers, make-up artists, and public relations representatives for the stars are all working overtime to help their individual star, like Amy Adams, look their best.

Popular stars are engaged in an almost endless number of photo shoots, interviews and red carpet events. Often these appointments are squeezed between long hours of rehearsals or filming. I’ve seen how hard these stars work on the sets I’ve been on. The demands on them are usually unobserved and often unappreciated. They have to always look great, be energized and engaging in interviews, all in addition to their performance activities

Additionally a star often has to squeeze some aesthetic work done at a medical practice like Revive to look even better in the thousands of pictures taken of them from the red carpet. But, with the demands of their schedule, they can’t look like they’ve had any work done. They especially can’t have any telltale bruises from their treatments that can take up to a week to fade away.

So how do we do greatly reduce the risk of bruising on celebrities and help them meet the demands of their busy schedules? Revive’s blunt cannula technique allows us to enhance a person’s appearance with little risk of bruising. Blunt cannulas simply move small blood vessels safely out of the way while we do our sculpting work to restore lost volume and help people look younger.

Secret #3: We use longer cannulas to reach just about everywhere with only 3-4 insertion points per side. Most people really enjoy this technique because it’s so comfortable. Patients walk out looking younger, refreshed, rested, and happier. In fact, many patients report that they don’t feel anything during the cannula part of their treatment.

Patients have commented to us how much they enjoy the analysis we provide in these “Secrets”. So let’s take a peek behind the curtain of Amy Adams’ before and after photos and share how we would accomplish her results for others.


Amy Adam’s injection results.


Secret #1: Amy is a natural beauty and she obviously takes really good care of herself. Four little techniques have made obvious improvements for Amy’s photographs. First, see how the light smoothly catches the top of Amy’s nose in her side-by-side photos? A little filler can make that happen.

Secret #2:  Amy has a natural “dimple” to the left of her mouth. It’s cute but a little left over filler can help “soften” a person’s appearance so that your eye doesn’t stop at a dimple but continues to look at every part of her face. Spending more time on a star’s face is one of the goals celebrity photographers have for people who see their photographs.

Secret #3: Amy has a natural puffiness to her lower eyelids. Carefull filler in her tear troughs can greatly reduce the appearance of puffy lower eyelids.

Secret #4: Amy got enough Botox to reduce her crow’s feet and keep wrinkles from forming on her forehead. If Amy needs to have a full range of facial expressions for her movie roles she can simply wait to get a Botox treatment after shooting finishes. Botox isn’t permanent but it can keep wrinkles away with the proper dosing.

90% of injectors under dose crow’s feet. After assessing the clinical trials, the FDA recommends a minimum of 12 units per side to begin achieving an acceptable result. That’s why you’ll hear injectors at my practices begin at 12-16 units per side so our patients can get an “Amy Adam’s” crow’s feet result!

In an upcoming Secret, I’ll share some secrets about skincare products and how to get maximum results for the money. Until then, “Keep the secrets!”You can email your individual questions to Shonda Chase FNP, or Allan Y. Wu MD, Revive’s cosmetic surgeon, at

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