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Innovations to Slow Aging and Staying Safe in 2020

We all age every day. Happily, there are so many developments in aesthetic medicine no one can keep up with it all, including me. That’s why great providers are always attending trainings and aesthetic medical conferences.

I’ve listed some terrific newer treatments that are turning back the “clock”. All these Secrets slow the clock. Most “stop the hands” from ticking forward with my patients. In order to list as many new innovations as possible, I’ve only  provided a partial summary of their benefits. You can go to my website to learn more or contact us at our email listed below.

Secret #1: Avogen Medical – A suppository capsule that accomplishes women’s rejuvenation, increases comfort, and moisturization.

Secret #2: Cutera’s Juliet Erbium Laser – Painless Treatments greatly improves women’s rejuvenation including mild urinary stress incontinence (really). Treatments can also improve skin health, texture, and fine lines.

Secret #3: Secret RF – Micro-needling with radio frequency energy Treatments are safe for any skin type, and on any part of the body, to improve acne scars, texture, fine lines, tighten skin, and help skin glow.

Secret #4: TruSculpt ID’s non-invasive, 15-minute w/no downtime Treatments safely and permanently reduces fat for any area, including areas previously impossible to treat without SmartLipo.  The new areas include: ankles, inner thighs, above knees, and arms.

Secret #5: Alastin Topicals. Alastin has products that increase the results of laser Treatments and skin metabolism, something we all need if we’re over 30.

And now some secrets to help keep you safe and prevent adverse results:

Safety Secret #1 for Tear Troughs: Never let a provider inject you with Juvederm in your tear troughs. Juvederm can cause unwanted excess swelling and may cause tindling (a blue discoloration) below your eyes that rarely goes away.

Safety Secret #2 for CO2 fractional skin rejuvenation: CO2 lasers can cause hypo-pigmentation on darker skin types (IV – VI). This can leave grids of variable colored spots. Consider Secret RF as a better alternative.

Next month I’ll share more secrets that safely produce magical results for your appearance, happiness and confidence. Until then, keep the secrets.


Shonda Chase, FNP

Nurse Practitioner, Co-owner, Artistic Director and Advanced Aesthetic Injector at Revive Wellness Centers in Palm Springs and Torrance and Medweight, Lasers and Wellness Center in Irvine.

You can email your individual questions to Shonda Chase FNP, or Allan Y. Wu MD, Revive’s cosmetic surgeon, at


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