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Botox & Dermal Fillers can Reduce Depression, Anxiety and Improve Emotional Health

I know that the treatments I give to my patients improves their appearance and also improves their emotional well-being. Treatments with me offer a similar experience as gym-time, time with friends, and therapists. The way I practice aesthetic medicine provides us time for patients to talk about their life’s issues and helps me assess the emotional benefits their treatment’s might bring them.

After years of interactions with my patient’s, I’ve seen how neuro-modulator injections affirm the psychological studies measuring how neuro-modulator  injections can provide emotional benefits for patients, along with improvements to their appearance. The Neuro-modulators including Botox, Jeuveau, Dysport, and Xeomin all contain botulinum toxin A as their active ingredient.

Recent studies have actually measured the improvements in patient’s emotional lives who add neuro-modulator injections to their treatment plans for issues of depression, anxiety, sadness from loss and tragedies, or low self-esteem. The study’s also report how Neuro-modulators can even improve the quality of their inter-personal relationships.

I know the above two paragraphs are a lot to embrace. And I don’t want anyone to think that neuro-modulator injections are a replacement for physician’s treatment plans. But I do know from my patients, that aesthetic treatments can help improve the results of their additional treatments. Here are some secrets the studies have revealed:

Secret #1: Neuro-modulators help your body go the opposite way your mind is perceiving life. In other words, when you look happier than you feel, you end up feeling happier.

Secret #2: Improving our facial expressions with Neuro-modulators attracts people to us and can improve our mood.

Secret #3: The most important benefit of all is ‘Botox’ type injections in our glabellar area (the area between and above our eyebrows) improves emotional responses in the part of brain (the amygdala) and slows down our responses to negative factors.                                                                                             

Secret #4: neuro-modulator injections can provide antidepressant results for up to 6 months even though the visible results usually last 3-4 months.

Secret #5: Patients with high agitation scores are more likely to respond positively  to Neuro-modulators injections. Bi-polar study patients don’t seem to emotionally benefit from neuro-modulator injections. But, they look better and there are different drug-based treatments for those patients.

Next month I’ll share more secrets that safely produce magical results for your appearance, happiness and confidence. Until then, keep the secrets.

You can email your individual questions to Shonda Chase FNP, or Allan Y. Wu MD, Revive’s cosmetic surgeon, at


Shonda Chase, FNP

Nurse Practitioner, Co-owner, Artistic Director and Advanced Aesthetic Injector at Revive Wellness Centers in Palm Springs, Torrance, and at Medweight, Lasers and Wellness Center in Irvine.

To read the entire study click on the following link:

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