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Secret Blog Introduction @ Revive Wellness Center

We have been writing original monthly articles since 2014. These articles contain the insider secrets the top medical aesthetic providers know, and utilize, to provide the best possible outcomes for patients.

We share these secrets with readers so they can be better informed about everything that medical aesthetic treatments can accomplish. We also want readers to share the information contained in these secret articles with their friends and family.

Revive Wellness Center believes that reliable information will help patients get the most out to their treatments. Knowledge also protects people from making mistakes with treatments that are not as predictable or as safe as we require them to be.  We want all of the Secret information protect patients from myths and wives tales that, while might widely be believed, show that the misinformation is also not true. So every Secret highlight the treatments that meet our standards, while not criticizing the approaches that don’t meet our criteria for patient safety, comfort, low down-time, and results.

A few past articles get posted once every month until we get to the current month’s posting. Every other month’s article is posted at our other practice’s website @ When each year’s set of articles are compiled in books to add to your library, or share with friends and family members. And there are some additional things to know about the Secrets.

Each revealed secret reflects the latest, state-of-the-art medical approach that was available when the article was written. As you will see, a lot has changed since 2014 and beyond. In many cases we have edited the original article and replaced the specific device we recommended then with the category of treatment now. The changes are slight, but we didn’t want anyone to be confused by a specific device named with a treatment that is currently the state-of-the-art.

It’s interesting that although newer devices have taken the place of older devices, the previous devices were the best that were available at the time.  And, the treatment approach haven’t changed, the devices and techniques have greatly improved. Revive Wellness Center is very proud of the devices, techniques and products we keep upgrading to in order to provide the safest and most reliable results for our patients.

We’re also proud of what we haven’t brought into our practices. Many of the devices and approaches that we have evaluated when they became available, have fallen out of favor due to the some of long-term side-effects we’re now seeing come to pass. Happily, no approach we used in the past has fallen out of favor in the aesthetic medical field. What we can do is so much better now. And it keeps getting better every year.

We hope you enjoy these articles.  Most just a take a minute or two to read but we hope they provide a wealth of information for everyone who wants to look their best and protect some of their most important possessions: their appearance, their confidence and personality, and their sense of self-worth.

Shonda Chase, FNP



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