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Laser Hair Removal: You'll Wonder Why You Waited so Long

Dealing with your unwanted body hair can leave you tired, stressed out, and emotionally and physically irritated. However, if you just leave your unwanted body hair alone, it can negatively impact your self-esteem, creating issues in your personal life and even potentially your professional life. So how do you balance your wish to be free from plucking, shaving, and waxing with your aesthetic and personal goals? You might be surprised to learn how effective laser hair removal therapy could be for your unwanted body hair issues.

At Revive Medical Aesthetics, our experienced staff offer services including laser hair removal. Here's what you need to know about how this treatment can get rid of your unwanted hair with minimal hassle and long-lasting results. For your convenience, we offer Laser Memberships too. 

Hair where you don't want it

No matter where your unwanted body hair grows, we can likely get to the root of the problem with laser hair removal treatments. We can use laser therapy to target and permanently stun the hair follicles located in spots, including:

The length of your appointment and the amount of discomfort you're likely to experience during treatment depending on the size and location of the area you want to permanently depilate. Appointments are often quite brief, as short as just a few minutes.

Effective treatment options

Revive Medical Aesthetics offers multiple laser hair removal treatment options. You can opt to use:

Although many patients don't report any pain at all during laser therapy, others describe the sensation as feeling like getting repeatedly snapped with a rubber band. We can also use a topical anesthetic if you're concerned about sensitivity.

Let your skin recover for the first 24 hours after a treatment session, avoiding immersion in hot water and exposure to sunlight. In the days and weeks following each treatment, you'll notice your hair falling away. The stunned follicles won't produce hair again.

Multiple treatments for lasting results

Don't wait too long to get started with laser hair removal. Because of the way your hair naturally grows, it takes multiple laser hair removal treatments for you to see your best results. Your hair follicles activate in waves. In each session, we are able to stun only the follicles actively producing hair. 

In order to target every follicle in your desired treatment area, you'll need to come in for about five to seven treatments, each spaced about six weeks apart to allow healing and the activation of a new wave of follicles. You should plan on skipping plucking and waxing during the treatment process, as well.

To get started with the process of complete hair removal via laser treatment, contact Revive Medical Aesthetics today. Our med spa, located in Longview, Washington, offers a full menu of hair removal services to both male and female patients. You can schedule your appointment over the phone or by using the online booking tool.

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