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How Venus Treatments Keep Stars Looking Their Best During Production

Sofia Vergara shared how her regular Venus treatments keep her looking great during filming.


Shonda Chase, FNP

Nurse Practitioner, Co-owner, Artistic Director and Advanced Aesthetic Injector at Revive Wellness Centers in Palm Springs, Torrance, and at Medweight, Lasers and Wellness Center in Irvine.

Film and Television production is an exhausting process. It costs $500-$1,000 per minute to film the acting part of a 1-hour television show. It can cost ten times that amount, and sometimes more, for feature film production.

Long filming days are just one of the ways Hollywood manages the high cost of creating entertainment. When filming days are long, the actor’s days are longer. If filming begins at 8:00 AM, an actor’s day begins at 5:00 AM because they have to spend time in the hair and makeup trailers to get ready for the next scene to be filmed.

Then, when the filming day is over 10 to 14 hours later the actors take another hour to return their outfits to the wardrobe department and have their makeup removed. After a few hours of sleep, if they’re lucky, the actor’s day begins again at 5:00 AM the next morning. And after a few long days of production the effects of tiredness, just like with us, becomes visible on actor’s faces. And from personal makeup experience on production sets I’ve seen how much more time it takes makeup artist to correct tiredness on an actor’s face.

Producers, cinematographers, lighting directors, and makeup artists are finding that daily Venus facial treatment for actors during production help keep their faces from showing the toll filming days takes. This makes everyone’s job easier  and help the actor’s look their best.

Venus treatments, especially the new Venus Legacy treatments at Revive, accomplishes a number of things simultaneously.

Secret #1: Increased Circulation

Venus uses radio frequency energy to heat the skin at deep dermal levels. This heating wakes up the skin, increases circulation and brings added nutrients to the area. These are very positive things for the skin.

Secret #2: Increased Hydration

Skin hydration comes from the phyto-lipids that our body processes from our diet. The most productive source of phyto-lipids comes from cooked vegetables. Our body can utilize vegetable phyto-lipids that have been heated to 170 degrees and higher.  Below that temperature our digestive can’t access the phyto-lipids in vegetables and have it increase hydration in our skin. The increased circulation from Venus treatments increases phyto-lipids to our dermis and increase skin hydration.

Secret #3: Increased Collagen and Elastin

Collagen and elastin are the skin’s equivalent of the fountain of youth. We have the most collagen and elastin from our childhood to our early 20’s. After that a decline in our circulation begins to have a negative effect on maintaining our collagen and elastin. Venus treatments causes our body to respond to a “perceived” injury. This response rushes compounds and additional cellular nutrition to the area to heal the damage. But because there is no damage, all of the repair mechanisms and added circulation accomplishes rejuvenation. Two of the results of rejuvenation is an increase of collagen and elastin resulting in healthier, younger looking skin.

Venus treatments can accomplish the same benefits for us that actors enjoy. Check out all of Revive’s Blog articles to learn additional secrets of looking and feeling more youthful. Until then, keep the Secrets.

You can email your individual questions to Shonda Chase FNP, or Allan Y. Wu MD, Revive’s cosmetic surgeon, at

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