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Jessica Alba: Magical before, and Very Magical After Photoshop Artistry


Jessica Alba's (33 years old at the time of this article) photo on the left is what was taken at the photo shoot. Her image on the right is what you might have seen printed in the magazine after going through a Photoshop session by the photographer and their special effects assistants. Good photographers work hard to get good original images. Great photographers make their photos "whistle" before they're published.

So what did the artists enhance or change? Make up your list and compare it to ours at the end of this secret.*


As you might have guessed from Jessica's "before" and "after" photo above, this month's secret is all about the real magic we can accomplish at Revive so you can be your own pinup "girl". It costs from $3,000 to $7,000 to turn an original photo into one that can be published . . . and maybe make us a little envious at the results. Read the captions below so you can see what it costs to help you look like a star, for real, and brighten the room everywhere you go.

Penelope Cruz (40 at the time of this article) in person on the left and after Photoshop improvements on the right.


What we would do to make her look like her photo-shopped image:

Put Botox in her: forehead, glabellar area between her eyebrows and a little in her crowsfeet.

Re-volumize her tear troughs with dermal filler.

Re-volumize her cheeks and hands, sometimes called a Voluma Lift.

And a VIVA Radio Frequency skin treatment to improve her skin texture and neck lines

Approximate bundle cost: $5,000.

Madonna (56 at the time of this article, amazing really) always seems to look great in her picture but as you can see, she would benefit from some help.


Here’s what we could do:

First, inject Botox to help smooth her forehead.

Then, using a cannula to minimize bruising treat her tear troughs with a volumizing filler

Use Voluma to turn the aging clock back by lifting her sunken temples and smooth the transition between her temples and cheeks.

Perform a non-surgical Voluma lift to restore some of her facial descent due to age and gravity.

Lastly, inject a volumizer under her nasal-labial folds.

Bonus Secret:

Even though you can’t see her hands, Madonna has often worn gloves to hide the aging “tells” informed by her hands. Two to Four syringes of Voluma can make hands look much younger.

Approximate cost: $6,500.

Naomi Watts (44 at the time of this article) is our generation's Fay Ray and she looks great.


There's not much to do to have her look like her touched up photo all of the time, but . . .

We would recommend laser skin brightening treatments to brighten her skin on her face, neck and décolleté like in her "after" photo.

Add dermal filler in her nasal labial folds and

Inject Botox to keep her looking like herself. Makeup will take care of the rest.

Approximate cost: $4,000.

Do you have time for one more? Gwen Stephani (45 at the time of this article, even more amazing) keeps up with her treatments so she doesn't require much at any one time. She’s already had her nose thinned but we would:

Re-volumize her tear troughs.

Add a Voluma Lift on her cheekbones to restore her mid-face.

Add 2-3 skin brightening laser treatments.

Keep up with her Botox and makeup.

Approximate cost: $5,500.


You can enjoy all of the benefits that medical aesthetics can accomplish and look even better than your younger self. Until we see again, keep the secrets.

* Jessica Alba's Photo shopped changes from top to bottom:


They added more hair.

They Enhanced her eyes & lips and strengthened her makeup.

They increased the photo’s contrast and added shadows to her “creases and curves” to increase her attractiveness. These shadows can be seen on her:


Right cheek


Collar bones

Left shoulder

Left elbow

Left Underam


Right thigh

They added contour makeup on her upper breasts.

They accentuated her collarbones.

They created a thinner waist (wouldn’t all love to do that with all of our photos?).

They slimmed her hips.

They smoothed her clothing.

They slimmed her thighs.

Slimmed her legs

Repaired the exposure to brighten her image.

Changed the background.


You can email your individual appearance questions to Shonda Chase FNP or Allan Y. Wu MD, Revive’s cosmetic surgeon, at You can also include your pictures to get even more informed answers.

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